22 Jun, 2016

Looking back at E3 2016 (14 photos)

E3 has come and gone, but the memories will last. Here, at Black Beacon, we’re very grateful for this event and happy about our new friends and contacts!

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07 Jun, 2016

Meet us at E3 2016, Los Angeles

E3 is an event that pushes the limits of the interactive entertainment industry. Gathering tens of thousands of the best and brightest professionals, for three days this event becomes a focal point for the vast majority of video and mobile game developers.

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24 Mar, 2016

Looking forward to coming back! (20 photos)

Our trip to San Francisco was an amazing one! The weather was warm and pleasant, the people were gentle, and we were very much excited about the upcoming few days. What can we say; it was everything that we expected and more!

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Art department

Of course a well-made core and mechanics are essential to the success of the game, yet visual design is the thing that appeals to the user, it is the soul of the game. Artists breathe life into the zeros and ones created by the programmers. They make cinematics to give more depth to the game.

Engineering department

Our programmers are the wizards that allow people to engage in intense multiplayer action. They weave and spin their code into intricate patterns pushing the limits and unifying all aspects of game design into one single being. They are the creators that allow for the realm of gaming to be born.


What is experience without passion? Only those people who are passionate about gaming have what it takes to create great games themselves. If you believe that you’re up for the job and wish to become a proud member of our team, than we are waiting for you at Black Beacon.